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So Happy

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

I'm so happy
That I can't believe it's real
There is nothing that could steal
This feeling away from me

I'm so happy
That I think I'm gonna burst
Like a bud that throbs with thirst
Just beside the tempting sea

But you know just what I need
To you I'm more than a weed
You're true in every word and deed

I'm happy
But still amazed of the bliss
So happy
It won't get better than this

I'm so happy
To be finished with the shame
No, I'll never be the same
But what is sadness to grieve about?

I'm so happy that I almost fall apart
And I feel like singing out the joy
With all my heart

I'm happy
As you can see in my eyes
So happy
Goodbye excuses and lies
I'm happy
To face a turn of the tide
So happy
For having you at my side

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