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Out of Nowhere

Lyrics & music by Johan Christher Schütz

Out of nowhere
All the world had turned intriguingly transparent
Out of nowhere
It arrived with an inerrant guarantee
Out of nowhere
On display were now the lessons of the pain
I was sure that none had ever been in vain
From the moment that you dawned on me

Out of nowhere
Every step I'd ever taken seemed coherent
Out of nowhere
The air inherently more effortless to breathe
Did you know there
That I saw the very reason I exist?
And why all these opportunities were missed
When my eyes met yours I suddenly could see

And out of nowhere
I discovered how my sadness had enslaved me
How my troubles and my pain had just depraved me
Though I never once had tried to see the clue

And out of nowhere
Each “coincidence” conveyed a deeper meaning
And my path had winded – not for intervening
But to ensure that I arrived on time for you

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